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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

Randy Ray Mitchell

RandyRayMitchellAcoustic & Electric Guitars, Slide

The Galaxy Theater
The Coach House
Kulak's Woodshed & Genghis
McCabe's & The Deer Lodge
The Coffee Cartel & The Old Vine
The Talking Stick & Sacred Grounds

CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
EP: Waldo Bliss
Akadak Sessions
Bernie Larsen Sessions

Randy Ray Mitchell could be one of the best kept secrets in the music world, especially when it comes to versatile and talented electric guitarists. Despite fearsome chops and years of high level performing, he continues to fly under the "rock star" radar.

For Randy, it's not about the trappings of fame. It's all about the music. He knew he wanted to play guitar since he saw three chords played at a friend's house when he was nine. It took him three years to convince his dad to spring for his first guitar, a $25 Harmony gut string. By then, he had the bug and never looked back.

Randy's favorite guitarists were Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. "I also admired the studio wizards like Larry Carlton", he says.

He took to the upright bass in junior high school, and dove head first into years of college level theory classes. Eventually, he was performing with three different high school orchestras and doing arrangements for his own bands.

After high school, he landed gigs up and down the state, playing guitar for artists like Curtis Mayfield and BB King. He also toured and performed with singers ranging from Barry McGuire ("Eve of Destruction") to Michael Martin Murphy ("Wild Fire", for which he received a gold album).

"Like a lot of working musicians, I'm a jack of all trades", he says. Randy spent years working and recording with Billy Bob Thorton. "He was a hoot. I met a lot of high profile players and really enjoyed playing with him."

He had a decade-long association with Donna Summer, and worked closely with Warren Zevon before he passed, winning a Grammy for Zevon's CD "The Wind".

Solo on "Interrupting Your Blues" at The Coach House
Randy met Dan Carlson some twenty years ago, and has recorded, produced, and performed with him ever since. He loves the freedom of playing with Waldo Bliss. "These musicians like to play off each other", he says. "There's a great synergy. It's very gluey. Some nights, it's just spiritual."