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Carolyn Snodgress

Carolyn Snodgress 02Vocals: Lead & Harmonies, Percussion

The Coach House (debut on February 18, 2017)






Some say there are three kinds of Millennials coming of age in America today: those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who say, “What happened?”

Twenty-something California-born singer/songwriter Carolyn Snodgress is clearly in the first category.

She has been making things happen since her schoolgirl days in Torrance, where she was named the Softball Player of the Year by the South Bay Daily Breeze in 2012 and earned a four-year

scholarship to Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Carolyn was a standout pitcher for the university softball team and graduated with honors in 2016 with her Bachelor’s Degree in Music Business. Now she’s back home in Southern California pursuing her passion for music—writing, recording, and performing live.

Though she did not come from a family of musicians, Carolyn did grow up in an artistic home where the children were encouraged to express themselves creatively from an early age. “My sister and I used to don Ray-Ban shades like Tom Cruise in Risky Business,” she laughs. “We’d dress up in white leotards and tutus, packing toy guitars in hand, then slide across the floor singing and dancing together.”

Mom and Dad had a “cool, coin-operated Rock-Ola jukebox loaded with everything from The Who and Led Zeppelin to John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. We were allowed to play it super loud,” she remembers, and it shaped her love for classic rock and roll.

At school, she and her sister sang in the choir together. “I was a little shy back then and my sister pushed me to try out for solos.” Miss Stadler’s Seaside Elementary School choir would perform annually at Disneyland. “Every little girl’s dream,” she smiles.

“Growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher or a singer. It was sort of ingrained in my personality to foster growth in others,” she continues.

Telling her mom that she didn’t want to always wonder what would have happened if she’d pursued singing, she asked if she could take singing lessons. Thus began her frequent sessions with South Bay vocal coach Tim Battle. “Over time, he got me out of my shell.” she recounts. “He said, ‘Carolyn, you have to share your talent.’” Grammy-winning singer/songwriter Sara Bareilles also inspired her, “with music that flows and lyrics that really move you”

Then there was also the influence of long-time family friend Dan Carlson, who used to take young Carolyn on camping trips with his daughter Emily. “Dan has always been there for me, supporting and encouraging me. The first time I performed publicly as a singer, other than with the choir, was in 2004, when I was 10. It was at the Blue Agave Restaurant, and Dan’s Folk trio Keely, Dan, and Brian let me sing ‘Old Man’ by Neil Young.”

As she moved into middle school and beyond, Tim Battle gave her an assignment to write her first song. “He had me sit down with a Yamaha keyboard, and said, ‘Just look out the window and write down what you see.’”

Carolyn was developing more and more confidence, not only in music, but as an athlete as well.

“I was a pretty good softball player,” she says modestly. By her senior year in high school, this “pretty good” softball player had become a standout pitcher and was named Daily Breeze Softball Player of the Year, South High School Female Athlete of the Year, Pioneer League First Team and more. She played all four years for the team at Belmont, holds the all-time single season strikeout record, and graduated with honors. Now, she’s back home in Southern California, writing songs, performing live, and recording with Grammy-winning record producer and studio owner Randy Ray Mitchell.

Carolyn has performed live at Sloopy’s and Hey 19 to enthusiastic audiences, has joined Waldo Bliss and is working on new material for a follow-up album to her first, “Vibes.”

A champion athlete, an Academic All-American, and a confident performer, this young Millennial is making things happen once again as she continues to build her professional music career.


For further information about Carolyn, visit www.carolynsmusic.com.