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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

Tina Guo



CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
Akadak Sessions


Tina Guo was born in China and began her musical education with piano lessons at the age of three. She and her family came to America when she was five and began violin lessons with her mother. Then, she switched to cello. Her love affair with the cello would lead to a remarkable performing and recording career, full of awards and achievements rare for someone still in her mid-twenties.

Tina earned a full sholarship to USC's Thorton School of Music, where she graduated with honors. She earned first prize in many classical competitions, both for composition and performance. In 2007, she and her all-girl rock-classical crossover band Metaphor did a 21-city tour of Australia.

She could be considered a modern renaissance woman, a relentless explorer and high achiever.

Tina is nothing if not versatile. Her music runs the gamut from classical cello to rock-metal fusion.
Courtney Love told Rolling Stone that she is "a really hot Chinese girl with an amazing rack and insanely good hair who is a heavy metal goddess on cello".

Her robust career includes motion pictures, TV scores, and video games. She has done Dancing with the Stars with Carlos Santana. She played the Country Music Awards with Carrie Underwood, and the Grammy's with the Foo Fighters.

Her music is on The Call of Duty-Black Ops, and Sony's "Journey", the most downloaded Playstation game in history.

Tina is a published author and composer as well as photographer and painter. She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Metaphysical Theology from the road when she's not performing.

One day last year, Guitarist Bernie Larsen was at Randy Mitchell's studio, recording tracks for Waldo Bliss. When Dan Carlson said he needed a cello player, Bernie "lit up" about Tina.

She was touring the world as the featured cellist with Cirque du Soleil's "Michael Jackson-The Immortal World Tour". When the tour reached Staples Center in LA, Tina was able to come to Randy's studio and play cello on two of Dan's songs--"Is This Where Your Love Takes You?" and "We Gotta Make Up".

Tina's album "Eternity" will be released later this year.

To find out more about Tina, please visit  www.tinaguo.com.