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Peter Kastner


The Coach House
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Castle Oaks Sessions


Bassist Peter Kastner met Dan Carlson three years ago through Drummer Matt Starr, his friend from the LA Music Academy. The two of them joined up with Dan and Guitarist Rick Greenberg
for a number of rehearsals and recording sessions that Peter recalls as "definitely fun". Peter says that Dan's music is hard to describe, but it evokes "the Beach Boys, the California singer-songwriter, and great vocal arrangements".

Peter was born in Austria and got his start in music with piano lessons at the age of five. After awhile, "the rebellious soul in me needed something to bang on", so he moved to drums. He played in several bands during his early teens. Then one day, during a rehearsal break, he picked up the bass and "fell in love". Three months later, he realized the bass was "it", so he sold his drum kit and bought his first bass, a "piece of crap Ibanez", which was all he could afford, since he needed an amp, cables, and a case as well.

After a few months, his parents said, "Let's get you a nice bass", so they went to Vienna and bought him a Fender Jazz bass. Peter got serious right away and spent "hours and hours" practicing. Soon, it was off to Vienna to live and study at the Conservatory.

"I worked my butt off in Vienna", Peter says. "Since I started late" (age 17), "I devoted 7 or 8 hours a day to practice. I was listening to all kinds of music--classical, jazz, funk, and rock. Among bass players, I especially liked Marcus Miller (Miles Davis) and Jaco Pastorius (Weather Report)."

 At 20 or 21, while still at the Conservatory, he began picking up some gigs. At one particular show, the original drummer got sick, and Peter hit it off with Aram Zarikian, the replacement. Over a couple of beers, they discovered they both wanted to head to America. Peter's parents were once again supportive, and amazingly enough, three weeks later, Peter and Aram were off to LA.

Both of them enrolled in the LA Music Academy in Pasadena. "I loved it. There were so many amazing musicians. They train you to be a chameleon. Monday, it was rock. Tuesday, blues.
Wednesday was Brazilian, and Thursday was jazz."

Not only did Peter get a great education at LA Music, he also met a pretty vocalist, Laura Baruch, who later became his wife. They also record and perform together in the band Karmic.

When Peter left the Academy, he skipped the starving artist/waiter thing entirely, and began making a living as a musician. Besides session work and Karmic gigs, Peter "gives back" by
sitting in as an ensemble musician several times a week at the Academy.

Marrying Laura was the first of two important hopes and dreams. Dan Carlson helped him achieve his second when he introduced Peter to the master bass maker Rob Allen. Rob and Peter bonded over a gig at the Coffee Cartel, and eventually Rob asked Peter if he could "build basses for you".
Peter says, "I felt like I hit the lottery jackpot".

Peter is playing one custom fretless Rob Allen bass now, and another fretted one is on the way. "Rob is amazing, not only as a craftsman, but as a person as well".

When he's not playing or teaching, Peter loves cycling, kung fu, and running with his dog. He and Laura enjoy traveling and return to Austria every year to see family and perform. When asked about the future, Peter cites the composer Verdi and says, "Put your hand on your heart and keep going".

You can watch and listen to Peter playing his dream Rob Allen bass in this video...

To check out Peter's's band, Karmic, please visit  www.karmicband.com.

You can learn more about Rob Allen's awesome instruments here  www.roballenguitars.com.