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Paul iLL

Paul iLL 00Bass

The Coach House

Longtime bassist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist PAUL ILL lists playing bass with the Willie Dixon Family at Mr. Dixon’s Los Angeles wake, tracking live with Tina Turner in a London studio and playing the Sunday Gospel music services while in junior high at the US Army Base Chapel in Munich, Germany as three definitive career highlights.

“I am so blessed to have the musical life I lead. Being primarily a bassist has allowed me to record and play live in many different popular music idioms all over the world,” exudes Paul from his Los Angeles home. He continues, “Somehow, as a recording artist – that is, as a studio bassist, I’ve managed to perform on more than 24 million records sold. As a songwriter, my co-compositions have sold over 4.5 million.” Chuckling happily, he continues, “Back in the garage band days, I never would’ve thought that possible. We just wanted to play the 7th Grade Dance! And even at my Berklee graduation ceremony I wouldn’t dare dream all this was possible.”

Paul has toured nationally and internationally with Linda Perry (whom he sites as a crucial influence and mentor,) Courtney Love, Daniel Powter, Wayne Kramer (MC5), Juliette Lewis, Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) and Bill Ward (Black Sabbath) to name a few. His multi-platinum recording credits include Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Adam Lambert, Pink, James Blunt, Alicia Keys, Courtney Love and Daniel Powter. He has written songs with many of the afore-mentioned and his instrumental compositions grace numerous films and television shows.

“For all this I am so truly blessed,” says Paul. That’s why we named our psychedelic blues rock duo TRULY BLESSED.” Smiling he continues, “We may be the only piccolo bass and drums duo on the planet playing heavy, improvisational blues rock on this planet, at least for now. There’s no way all this would have happened for me without the loving support from my Mom, my sister Paula and my Dad. That support, coupled with a reliance on a Higher Power, whom I choose to call God, has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. For this I am so truly blessed and forever thankful.”