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Laura Baruch

LauraBaruchVocal Harmonies, Writer

The Coach House

Harmony on "Absolutely Nothing"

Laura Baruch was born and raised in Los Angeles. She has been singing and playing music her whole life. She started off playing the piano by ear at age 6 and started writing her own music at age 11.

After high school Laura attended the Los Angeles Music Academy, where she was vocally trained using an operatic technique. She studied Jazz, Rock, Pop, R&B and Brazilian music.

Laura has sung jingles on over 30 commercials for Skechers USA . She has also sung on international commercials for Austrian companies Darbo and Manner.

Laura is now the lead singer and songwriter of the band Karmic. Their first album was just released this last summer and can be found on iTunes.

Watch Laura rock the Karmic song, "Past Life Lovers".

To check out Laura's band, Karmic, please visit  www.karmicband.com.