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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

Jorgen Carlsson


The Coach House
Kulak's Woodshed

CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
Akadak Sessions


Jorgen Carlsson had a true rock and roll outlaw moment that launched his bass playing career.
He started out on drums, then progressed to electric guitar in his native Sweden. In the mid 80's, the bass player for his band Erotica got arrested and went to jail. Jorgen was the worst guitar player, so the band told him, "From now on, you get to play bass".

Over time, he realized that, "On the bass, I could play drums and changes at the same time".
So he traded his Marshall for an Ibanez 4-string and committed to the bass. Continuing the rock and roll outlaw thing, he got thrown out of school in 7th grade, and ended up in a program with a job in a record store. "I would stare at records for weeks. Then I got infatuated with Pink Floyd."

As a younger boy, it was all about Kiss. He loved the distortion and explosiveness of Gene Simmons. Then he discovered Sabbath, Hendrix, Deep Purple, and Steely Dan.

After the record store program, he went back to school. It was eight hours of school and eight hours of music. "Trying to learn off of vinyl was tough", he says. In his late teens, he started playing in cover bands, and got into jazz as well.

Then one day, after his second attempt at school, the high school principal said, "I hear you're a musician. Put off playing til the weekend." Within six months, he was in LA.

Because of Sweden's generous social outreach programs, he enrolled in the Grove School of Music in Van Nuys and learned to read music real well, in addition to jazz standards and big band music. He also met an engineering student at Grove who became his wife in 1995.

Jorgen got a life changing break when someone told him, "Warren Haynes is going to call you".
He didn't realize what that meant til he saw some You Tube videos and discovered the Allman Brothers/ Gov't Mule connection. Warren told him, "If you're willing to learn 2 to 300 songs by summertime, we should definitely continue this conversation".
Jorgen flew to New York and showed up locked and loaded. They checked "his ears, his intuition, everything" said Jorgen. They liked his sound. "As far as I'm concerned", said Warren, "you can leave that thing on the whole time", eyeing the distortion pedal. Jorgen got the gig.

Gov't Mule turned out to be a great fit for Jorgen--"rock and roll music with a jazz formula".
He continues to record and tour with Mule, as well as the power trio POA.

Jorgen met Dan Carlson 2 or 3 years ago, "through Randy Mitchell". He says Waldo Bliss music is "folky with Steely Dan stabs", and he appreciates everything about Dan except the way he spells his last name.

Jorgen looks forward to touring with Mule in 2013 as well as new records from Mule and POA