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Jon Button

Jon Button 01Bass

Genghis Cohen Cantina
The Coach House

Bass player Jon Button joined the Waldo Bliss family in the Spring of 2013. Like a lot Bliss players, he met Dan Carlson through Randy Ray Mitchell.

Jon was the youngest of five kids in a very musical family. Though he doesn't remember it now, Jon has been told by his family that he used to stand up at the piano and play TV music themes at the age of three. He started piano lessons at four, and learned to read music before he could read English. He switched to bass at age seven.

Growing up in Alaska in the 80's, when oil money was really flowing, Jon benefited from generous music programs, playing in a school orchestra from third grade on. In seventh grade, he joined the jazz band and then on to the Youth Symphony in high school.

Jon graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Jazz Studies and Performing. He stayed in Dallas for a year or so, performing with the Bill Tilman band, and saving his money for his big move to LA.

His first real break on the west coast came when he began touring with Michelle Branch. "She got pretty well known", he says, "and her record 'Everywhere' took off while we were on tour." From there, Jon began working with Robbie Rosa which was followed by many other musical endeavors, one being a gig with the Ricky Martin band.

He gained a reputation in the Spanish language genre, which led to him working with Shakira. Jon says he really enjoyed working with her. In fact, of all the many TV gigs he has had (including every single late night talk show), Jon says his favorite was the Shakira appearance on Saturday Night Live.

"I have always been a fan of that show", he says.  "The SNL gig was really a three day experience. Thursday you have sound check, Friday is dress rehearsal, and then Saturday, of course, you play live. Plus you get to play two songs."

Jon has also recorded with James Blunt and Robben Ford, and toured with Sheryl Crow and Roger Daltrey. He really enjoyed the Daltrey gig for several reasons. "There was lots of Who material, we got to tour all over the U.S. and Europe, and we opened for Clapton".

Now that Jon is married, with a baby on the way, he says, "I would love to concentrate on studio work, if it was like it was in the 80's." Jon does recognize that the music business has changed for the better in some ways. "I have a recording setup at home. Someone in Canada, for example, can email tracks to me. I can lay down my bass part and email it back to him. Or  if someone local is on a tight deadline, I can turn in around in an hour or so. But I really prefer recording in a studio with other musicians."

He says he enjoys playing with Waldo Bliss. "It's really well-crafted, harmonically complex music. It's reminiscent of the Beach Boys and XTC". As he prepares for an upcoming gig at Genghis Cohen, he's grateful that "the charts are great--clear and correctly written. But Dan's music is pretty open to improvisation. I can put my stamp on it".

Jon says he may have an "iron in the fire sometime in August." Otherwise, he's looking forward to the birth of his child and a new take on the good life in Eagle Rock.

We asked Jon to choose a video that he would want you to see of his playing and he picked the below vid of him playing with Sheryl Crow on Letterman. Check it out...