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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

Erik Eldenius

EricEldeniusDrums, Percussion

The Coach House
Kulak's Woodshed
The Coffee Cartel

CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
Akadak Sessions

Erik Eldenius grew up in Gothenberg, Sweden. After breaking too many chopsticks and bowls, he pestered his parents to buy him his first drum set at the age of four.

He had his first public gig at ten, and cites his biggest influence as the great jazz drummer, Tony Williams. In 1997, Erik moved to Los Angeles and became a full-time working musician. "I never had another job", he says.

Over the years, he has recorded and toured with a wide range of musicians, including LeAnn Rimes, Donna Summer, and Mandy Moore, as well as Billy Idol.

"By choice, I enjoy so many different styles of music. These intermittent disturbances are a great source of creativity and inspiration."

He is currently touring with Billy Idol, which is very different than the Waldo Bliss experience. "My jazz background comes in handy with Waldo Bliss", he says. "Dan Carlson gives us lots of freedom. It's like a blank canvas. There's so much room to improvise".

"He doesn't care who's the boss, musically. The best idea wins. Dan has surrounded himself with musicians who trust and respect the songs. It's a rare freedom these days."

In addition to playing with Billy Idol and Waldo Bliss, Erik also works out of his own recording studio, doing remote drum sessions and producing records for a wide variety of artists.

To find out more about Erik, please visit  www.erikeldenius.com.