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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

David Sutton


The Galaxy Theater
Kulak's Woodshed
The Gypsy Den

CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
EP: Waldo Bliss
Akadak Sessions

David Sutton is an incredibly musical guy, in spite of the fact that he didn't come from a particularly musical family. "My dad played a little ukelele", he says. But his older brother used to bring home albums, and at 15, David picked up the bass. "I was mostly self-taught", he continues, "playing along with songs on the FM radio."

David's major influences were James Jamerson (" the Motown guy"), John Paul Jones, Paul McCartney, and Aston Barrett (Bob Marley's bassist). His first performing experiences came from playing in clubs and bars around Tucson, Arizona.

He came west to LA at the age of 18, and made a serious commitment to music. After two years of music school, David knew he wanted music to be his calling. Not jazz, not classical, but contemporary popular and rock and roll.

What was the secret to surviving in those early days in LA? "Keeping your overhead low", he says.
"Renting out rooms, sharing apartments". David was doing mostly sideman work. Then one day, he began recording and touring with Lucinda Williams, a "reasonably steady paycheck" that's lasted for over five years.

How did he land the Lucinda Williams gig? "The phone rang and I answered it", he says in his soft-spoken style. He also has worked with Tears for Fears, Liz Phair, Tracy Chapman, Melissa Etheridge, and Martha Davis, to name a few, as well as many TV and film projects.

David says he connected with Dan Carlson through Drummer Butch Norton. "I've done a handful of gigs with Dan so far, including opening up for Ian Hunter at the Galaxy".

What does he think of Waldo Bliss? "You can't pigeonhole Dan's music", he says, "It's so different, so original. Unexpected harmonies."

When he's not touring, David says, "I stay busy doing session work and producing. I enjoy producing songwriters. You take a blank slate and flesh out someone's song, make it different, and hopefully better".