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Dan Navarro

DanNavarro 02Vocal Harmonies, Songwriter

The Coffee Cartel

Co writer of "The Coast"

Dan Navarro is a singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor, best-known, perhaps as half of the duo, Lowen & Navarro.

Navarro says he came from a creative family. One grandfather was a journalist and wrote plays, while another was a violinist in a Mariachi band. Dan began playing brass instruments in elementary school and eventually majored in choral conducting at UCLA.

Dan met Dan Carlson at UCLA, where they both sang in the glee club. They soon formed a strong friendship and sang together in a number of musical combos.

"He was like a brother to me", says Navarro. Carlson took him to Gene Lees guitar shop in Redondo Beach, CA, where he bought his first steel string guitar, an Orlando, for $55. Like his friend, Navarro used to practice chords on the Orlando at stop lights.

They both played and sang in the Molay Band with Jim Domine, as well as a vocal trio, North Fork. They sang at Navarro's sister's wedding.

He decided not to pursue teaching. Two years after graduating, his first song was picked up by an Austin, Texas band. In the meantime, Dan was working for Tower Records and as a singing waiter to make ends meet.

In the early 80's, he met Eric Lowen. They wrote the song, "We Belong", which became a major hit for Pat Benatar in 1984.

"That was a major turning point in my life", says Navarro. "That song became a worldwide top 5 hit and has generated over $20 million in revenues over the years."

Lowen and Navarro became active as a performing group in 1987 and went on to record a dozen albums and perform for 22 years. "We had an enormous amount of dumb luck", says Dan. "We were too stupid to quit." Dan Carlson remembers it a different way, "They were too good to quit."

On March 17, 2004, Lowen was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). The duo played their last shows in June, 2009, and Eric passed away in March, 2012.

Dan Navarro continues to tour as a solo performer. His next album, "Shed My Skin", will be released in 2013.

Check out Dan performing, "Compass Point" at Martyrs in Chicago.

To find out more about Dan, please visit  www.dannavarro.com.