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Dan Malouin


The Coffee Cartel
The Sidewalk Cafe

Bernie Larsen Sessions

Dan Malouin started out playing trumpet and sousaphone. Then, in eighth grade, a new music teacher gave him a standup bass to play. Six months later, he was playing bass with a multi-school jazz band.

Then one day he rode his derailleur bicycle over to a buddy's house. His buddy said, "That's a cool derailleur." Dan said, "That's a cool electric bass". So they swapped and Dan taught himself to play along with songs on KRTH. "Many nights", he says, "I would fall asleep with the bass in my hands".

Dan really liked James Jamerson's work on "all the Motown stuff", as well as the music of Steely Dan. Eventually, he became a part of the scene at the South Bay's Sweetwater Club, where he met Dan Carlson and played with him in the Leaping Caucasians.

In the early 90's, he auditioned for Joe Esposito's band. He says, "I really worked my ass off, nailed the tunes, and got the gig." It was in Joe's band that Dan got introduced to Randy Ray Mitchell, and they played a number of gigs around the South Bay. Before he knew it, he says, "everyone got married and started families, but the friendships endured".

Dan played with musicians ranging from the Standels to Billy Yates (Outlaws, Little Feat), as well as drummers like Ndugu Chancler and Rick Slauser.

"I always got along well with Dan Carlson. Every once in awhile, he'll call me for a gig." Asked about Waldo Bliss, he says, "Dan's always been a good songwriter. He comes up with unusual chord progressions and melodies. Very musical stuff".

Dan jokes that he's a "comical prankster and blunt conversationalist". Dan Carlson laughs when he thinks about Dan Malouin's humorous mangling of his lyrics. He remembers that he did a particularly good job on his song, "Good Girl", as he could barely sing it one night, at The Sidewalk Cafe in Venice, with Malouin's "alternate lyrics" floating in his head while trying to sing the real ones.

Dan Carlson says that Dan Malouin is a really good songwriter too, in addition to playing bass. "I wish he didn't keep that fact under the radar as much as he does."

When he's not playing bass, Dan keeps busy with his day time business, selling wood-working machines. Along with furniture manufacturers, luthiers (guitar makers) are his biggest customers, including Taylor Guitars in San Diego.

But music's still his first love. "I still love to play. I really enjoy doing it".

Dan Malouin can be reached at 310.767.6800 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.