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Music for the Inside of Your Body...♪♪♪

Butch Norton

ButchNortonDrums, Percussion, Vocal Harmonies

The Galaxy Theater
The Coach House
Kulak's Woodshed & Genghis
The Coffee Cartel & The Gypsy Den
The Talking Stick & Sacred Grounds

CD: Music for the Inside of Your Body
EP: Waldo Bliss
Akadak Sessions
Bernie Larsen Sessions

Peter Malick Sessions

Butch Norton started banging on pots and pans as a young child in the San Francisco Bay area and has been at it ever since. "My style is barbaric meets primeval meets medieval meets ecstasy", he says.

He began playing drums professionally at the the age of 17, and moved to Southern California in 1980 to study with master percussionist John Bergano at California Institute of the Arts.

Despite what he calls "my complete lack of ability", due to "sheer luck", he has enjoyed a distinguished recording and performing career. Butch recorded and toured with Lowen and Navarro from 1989 to 1992. In 1993, he met the man called "E" and toured with him to support the "Broken Toy Shop" album on Polygram.

In 1995, E and Butch formed the eels and signed with the new Dreamworks label. Their first single, "Novocaine for the Soul", earned several award nominations, and eels songs were featured in movies ranging from "Shrek" to "American Beauty".

Butch has also worked with Rufus Wainwright, Tracy Chapman, and in 2007, he joined Lucinda Williams as her permanent drummer.

Asked to describe drummers he enjoys today, he cites "military bands, especially navy and marine corps" and says he is "a big fan of polka bands in the Minnesota region".

Butch's Hang Solo at Kulak's Woodshed

For further information about Butch, please visit www.butchnorton.com.