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Brian Jenkins

BrianJenkinsAcoustic Guitar, Bass

The Coach House
Kulak's Woodshed
The Coffee Cartel
The Talking Stick
The Equator Cafe
Sacred Grounds & The Old Vine

EP: Waldo Bliss
Bernie Larsen Sessions
Akadak Sessions

Brian Jenkins never had a voice lesson, but he learned a lot about music from the school of hard knocks. He started singing in the choir in elementary school. Took drum lessons and started playing trumpet as well. Then he got into rock and roll in junior high and picked up the bass.

From there, he formed a band called "The Numbers" in high school, which became a regional success on the east coast and stayed together for ten years. "It was learn while you earn", says Brian. "We played clubs and frat parties from Delaware to the Jersey Shore".

Nothing came easily, he remembers. "It was a hundred hours a week of hard work. Packing and unpacking. Setting up and playing four hours. Tearing down and packing again. Then off to the next gig."

After ten years as a working musician, Brian moved to the west coast to start a new life. He found a place to crash in LA, landed a job, and wound up managing the Guitar Center in Lawndale.

He never stopped singing. "Every single day of my life", he says. Then, one day, twenty-five years ago, he met an outgoing, persistent musician named Dan Carlson. They've been playing together (on and off) ever since.

Brian counts Neil Young, the Beatles, and the Stones as big influences, as well as Todd Rundgren and his "groove master" bass player, John Siegler.

He's a family man, now, with a stable, full-time job, but still loves playing when he can. "Dan always wants to create synergy, with good people and structured harmonies, but lots of freedom."

In his spare time, Brian has become a luthier, and is now completing his fifth guitar. It's a college graduation gift for his niece, "so there's a lot of love going into it", he smiles.