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Adrienne Woods


The Coffee Cartel
Sacred Grounds

Akadak Sessions

Adrienne Woods got an early start in music, playing cello at the age of four. Classical music was a constant presence in her home, and she and her family formed a quartet, with Sherry on viola, Benjamin on piano, and Chris on violin.

She graduated from the University of South Carolina after studying with Cellist Robert Jesselson and jazz instructor Bert Ligon. Then it was off to Southern California, where the Henry Mancini Institute introduced her to many other styles of music and musicians.

Over time, Adrienne earned accolades for her playing with increasing numbers of artists and groups.  She also began exploring songwriting and composition, and recorded her first rock album, Day and Night, in 2008, which featured Adrienne on vocals as well as several instruments. The album explores her experiences coming of age through life and love in LA.

Adrienne, still based in LA, has recorded studio works, orchestral works, and television shows, and toured with many prominent musicians. She played the Tonight Show, with Clay Aiken, Josh Groban, and Michael Buble.

She has also done the American Music Awards with Groban, the BET Awards with The Game, and recorded music videos with Groban, Kanye West, and Rod Stewart. She filmed the Michael Buble live DVD Concert at the Wiltern Theatre and played with Kanye West on his live tour dates, the Grammy's, the Touch the Sky video, and the Ellen Show.

On American Idol for the past five seasons, she has performed alongside the contestants in the show's house band. She continues to play with well-known stars as well as local artists, while  developing her own music writing and performances as well.

Dan Carlson met Adrienne a few years ago at a Susan Barth gig. They got along well and she wound up doing some recording with Waldo Bliss, as well as performing live on gigs at the Coffee Cartel and Sacred Grounds.

Adrienne books solo cello, duet, trio, and quartet ensembles. She records on acoustic and electric cello for studio work, and continues to play regularly for television, film, and live shows.

To find out more about Adrienne, please visit  www.adriennewoods.com.