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Adam Levy



The Talking Stick


Adam Levy's entire family is musical. His mom was feeding him boogie woogie piano in their home at a very young age. He says that he gets tons of inspiration from his brother, Mike, who Adam declares is a prodigy on bass.

Their home was in Tampa, Florida where Adam started studying electric bass at the age of 15 with Dave Lowery. Very soon, he found himself in a show band that he loved in high school, complete with a horn section and an array of singers.

Adam’s professional career blossomed during college. He pursued a jazz degree at the University of South Florida where he studied upright bass. It paid off because today, bands welcome the versatility that he brings to live gigs and the studio, upholding and laying down the bottom end, above and beyond the call of duty.

At age 21, he moved to New York City to make his way. It was there that he rediscovered his rock roots, backing many acts as well as being a member of the house band at the world famous Bitter End club.  

Adam made all the storied moves attributed to musicans making a living. Traveling around the country, with the work finding him and him finding the work. His time before coming to California was spent in Tucson, AZ where the city was favored with his playing for a while.

It was in Tucson that Adam collaborated with his brother to create a CD called "The Fabulous Levy Brothers" produced on Mike Levy's label, Chef Records. The album can be found on iTunes among other places.

Adam came to LA in 2004. It wasn't long after that John O'Kennedy introduced him to Dan Carlson which enabled Adam to fit a couple Waldo Bliss gigs, at The Talking Stick in Venice, CA, into his busy schedule.  "Great gigs", remembers Dan Carlson, "I specifically remember one performance of a song I got called, 'Freedom Now', where Adam was dead nuts inside the groove."

Artists of note, that Adam has played with, are too numerous to list completely here but some of them are: Tracy Alexander, Irene Bedard, Ron Cartel, The Diamonds,  Wynton Marsalis.....Barbara Morrison, Larry Redhouse, Chukka Riddem, Keith Secola, Preston Smith, Sam Taylor, Ron Thaler, Chuck E. Weiss, Vaud and the Villains, Stoll Vaughan, and others including Waldo Bliss.

One of the bands that Adam currently plays with is Starvation Camp, a world music band. They were recently listed in Music Connection 2012 as being one of the top 100 live unsigned artists.

Adam now resides in the beautiful Montecito Hills in Los Angeles with his awesome wife Susie. He can be found accompanying artists in a range of genres from bebop to reggae to hard rock, as his solid comfortable grooves are always in demand.

Check out Adam jamming with Preston Smith at Maui Sugar Mill in Tarzana, CA.

If you are interested in hiring Adam for live performances or studio work, he may be contacted at: 323-227-8149 or 323-309-0581 or by email here: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.